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Neptune trine Uranus

Love in unusual places

Kelli Fox

Keep your eye out for love in unusual places during this two-year transit. You're very interested in humanitarian efforts now, and could meet someone special while volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping to build houses for people in need. These will be the kind of concerns that dominate your mind during this period, as well as larger questions of life, the universe and a greater spirituality.

You'll be drawn to anyone who seems to be on the same path as you, and the perfect date during this time could involve staying up late, talking about everything that comes into your heads and brainstorming ideas for making the world a better place to live in. Anyone you fall for at this time will be someone who increases your sense of hope for the world, your determination to do something meaningful in your life. Your best partner in love will also be a partner in life -- someone whose larger, deeper, more spiritual interests coincide with yours. That makes this transit an optimal time for finding true love, especially if other concurrent transits focus on romance and commitment. A meaningful connection is waiting for you.

Neptune trine Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune trine Uranus in the Transit Chart

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  1. Kathleen on January 14, 2019 at 1:15 am

    syncronisity at it’s best!!

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