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Neptune trine Saturn

Blending dreams with reality

Kelli Fox

You'll have a good handle on reality during this two-year transit, which will be a real benefit to your love life. You're still hopeful and optimistic about the possibilities for true love in your future; you're just not likely to delude yourself about the reality of a particular relationship. If something isn't working, you'll accept that and move on.

In general, though, relationships will work for you. You're aware of your responsibilities toward someone you care about, so you'll treat them with respect. You're also in touch with your own needs -- and with what you don't really need. You won't put undue demands on a lover. This transit is all about blending your hopes and dreams with reality, which means doing the work it takes to create the love life you dream of. You know it's not all going to be easy; you know you'll encounter setbacks and minor heartbreaks, or even major ones. But you know that everything you go through is for a good cause. It's all for your future, a future you can see and sense clearly -- one in which you'll love with every fiber in your being. For now, you're content to put in the groundwork, to lay the path that will take you where you want to go.

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