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Neptune trine Pluto

Transformation of the soul

Kelli Fox

Overall, this will be a two-year period in which you're outgoing and happy, and you want to reach out to the people around you and connect at a deep and satisfying level. But even if you come across as spunky and carefree, there are deeper things going on under the surface. You're tuned in now; your intuitions are humming on high, and you'll get a complex picture of the people you're involved with that will be based not only on what they tell you, but on what you'll sense about them.

This period is all about helping others, so you could get involved romantically with someone who needs your loving compassion. You'll have a wonderful effect on anyone who enters your life, because you can help them move through their fears and insecurities to a better place. If someone takes advantage of this kindness in you, of course, it will hurt your feelings; but it won't set you back. Your soul is in tune with the universe now, and you understand at a deep level that there is important work to be done. Whatever you experience now will feel more important and intense than ever before, including love; you will be transformed by what your soul experiences.

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