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Neptune trine Neptune

Increased empathy

Kelli Fox

You're old enough now to have a better understanding of the way the world works and your own place in it, and this two-year transit marks a time when your ego drives are at their lowest, in a wonderful way. You just don't feel the need to assert your own needs or your own opinions, all the time; there is bigger work to be done, and your intuition is telling you what that is and how you need to go about doing it. If you fall in love during this period, your lover will experience your kindest, most understanding side.

You'll devote yourself to them and to the relationship in a way that's satisfying for both of you. You could fall for someone who needs your help -- maybe their insecurities about love and intimacy make you the perfect partner for them, with your compassionate nature, your strong shoulder for tough times, and your sincere desire to help them get to a better place in life. Another possibility for love during this period is connecting with someone who has the same outlook as you do -- someone whose ego is also comfortably in the back seat to deeper, more spiritual interests. You'll fall for someone who is on a similar path to you, and similarly compassionate.

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