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Neptune trine Mercury

Fuel your love fire

Kelli Fox

You're highly imaginative about love now, but the good thing is, you're still in touch with reality. Instead of letting that fantasy of the Perfect Love get in the way of actually finding it, you'll use it to fuel your loving fire. You'll impress your dates with your sense of imagination, and dates that involve creativity are highlighted.

Take that special someone to an art gallery opening, where you can stand around and talk about everything you see, feel and hear around you. Or meet for coffee at a bookstore, where you can browse the wares while you tease your senses with a steaming beverage. Pay attention to your intuition during this period. If someone seems on the level, as if they're worth your time and attention, you're probably right. Your intuitive faculties are working closely with your conscious mind now, which means you're able to get a full and varied picture of a potential lover. You'll also love discussing anything spiritual or otherwise out-there with your potential sweetie, and making a connection on that level will make the connection between your hearts all the sweeter.

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