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Neptune trine Mars

Humming passion

Kelli Fox

Your heart is going out to the world during this two-year transit, starting with that very special someone you'll be highly attracted to. You're capable of a selfless passion at this time; you only want to reach out and help the people around you. If you get involved with someone who suffers from insecurities or other issues, you could really help them push through their problems and start living more fully.

Connecting on a heart level will be the most fulfilling experience you can have at this time. You're not selfish now, or driven by vanity or any other petty interest. You have a sense of awe for the world, for being allowed to be a part of it. And passionate love, on top of that? It's like the cherry on top of a huge, gorgeous and delicious cake. If you find love with someone sweet and special, you'll find that your needs match up well. You'll be able to reach out to them and help them fulfill their dreams, and in doing so, you'll fulfill your own. You'll experience love as a spiritual and transcendent thing, and your passion will vibrate and hum within you like mellow sound waves on the taut string of a cello.

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