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Neptune trine Juno

Tender imaginings

Kelli Fox

You'll experience love as an intensely deep, sweet and passionate experience during this two-year transit. Especially if other, concurrent transits point to love and commitment, you have a wonderful chance of finding the true love you've been dreaming of, because your heart and soul are opened up by the energy that this particular transit provides. Even if you don't find your true love, the connections you'll make with other people will still be wonderfully intense.

You'll experience love as if through a filter that distills it, making it all the sweeter. Tenderness will reign; that special someone will be amazed at their luck in finding you, such a subtle, tuned in lover. This period will help to reaffirm your commitment to your own ideals in love. Especially if you've experienced some disheartening setbacks in your dating life, this period will heal those wounds and reestablish your dreams. Having a better handle on your dreams makes it easier to turn them into reality, so go ahead -- indulge in fantasy during this period. Don't worry about being too syrupy-sweet or sentimental; treat your lover and yourself to the most tender imaginings you can dream up.

Neptune trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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