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Neptune square Venus

Outside reality

Kelli Fox

This could be a difficult two-year transit for you, because you'll have a hard time being honest with yourself about your love life. You could get involved with someone who just isn't good for you, but despite what your friends and your own subconscious mind tell you, you'll pretend to yourself and everyone else that things are fine; that you're living a dream. That might be just exactly what you are doing!

Your fantasies will be much more present for you during this period than the reality of your actual love life. You'll probably get swept off your feet at this time -- maybe more than once. You'll idealize whoever you get involved with, putting them up on a pedestal of standards and ideals that no real person could ever live up to. You won't realize it, but you're really projecting whatever you want onto this person -- whatever you've decided is your perfect, dream lover -- which isn't fair to them, because it's ignoring who they really are. Another possibility is that you'll fixate on someone who's out of reach -- someone you see as a celebrity, whom you'll idolize and even obsess over. It really would be better if you could bring your expectations back to reality.

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