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Neptune square Uranus

Sudden, unpleasant clarity

Kelli Fox

You could feel left out in the cold by the big, bright world of dating during this transit. You might get involved with someone who isn't completely honest with you about their actions or intentions, and when the secret is revealed with sudden clarity, it won't be a fun reintroduction to reality. You'll misread your potential sweeties during this period, thinking they're someone that they're really not; and the disillusionment of who they actually are could be fast and unpleasant.

Take care when you're out on a date that involves going for drinks, because your inner feeling of turmoil and confusion could push you to want to take it too far. That would definitely make a bad impression on a potential sweetheart, not to mention the headache the next morning! This transit can also coincide with life-changing events that come up suddenly and unexpectedly. You'll think things are running along just fine with that special someone, and then all of the sudden, the relationship is on the rocks, and your clouded perceptions won't lend you a clue as to what went wrong. Just try to keep your head above water during this time, and wait for better times.

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