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Neptune square Sun

In need of positivity

Kelli Fox

You'll probably feel lower in spirits and energy than you're used to during this two-year transit, the effects of which will be subtle but noticeable. You might be thrown into doubt and confusion regarding your love life; what have you been doing all this time, and why? Are you doing the right things to find a love that will last?

Ultimately, any setbacks in your love affairs could make you feel very discouraged -- to the point that you could start to feel like you don't even know anymore what you want out of a relationship or why. You could start to feel like time's a-wasting, and you're not getting any closer to your goals in love than you were some time ago. As long as you can remind yourself that this kind of feeling is just in your mind, not an actual reflection of reality, you'll be okay. Don't spend time with anyone who criticizes you or makes you feel even more insecure than you already do; you can't afford the further loss of your sense of self. At the same time, though, this isn't a time to become a hermit and nurse your emotional wounds. You need the energy you can derive from interacting with other people; just make sure it's someone positive-minded and sweet.

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