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Neptune square Saturn

Wanting to drop out

Kelli Fox

You might decide at some time or other during the course of this two-year transit that the dating game just isn't for you, and it's time to drop out. Setbacks in your love life, such as relationships continually failing to live up to your ideals of the perfect love, will make you feel unusually pessimistic about love in general, as if you just don't even care enough to put in the effort anymore. It would be a real shame to give up on your romantic ideals; why not just adjust them a bit to reflect reality a bit better?

Of course, that may be more easily said than done. Your vision of romance is clearer to you now than reality is, and aligning the two could be difficult. Anxieties will set in; old, latent insecurities about dating could suddenly loom large again, making you feel like you can't even choose what to wear on a date, much less leave the house and go be charming and flirtatious! If you do go out with someone at this time, make sure they're good to you. People who undermine your sense of yourself will really make a dent in your self-confidence, which you can't afford at this time. You're vulnerable to domineering types who will try to walk all over you.

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