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Neptune square Pluto

Don't burn bridges

Kelli Fox

Your love life has been going through a period of change, however subtle. You're not attracted to the same kinds of people as you used to be, and you're looking for something new and different in love. At base, your values and your needs are changing, and this two-year transit will mark a confusing continuation of that trend.

You might go out with someone new only to decide midway through your relationship that they're not the one for you. In fact, destructive tendencies are possible at this time; you might decide to ruin or abruptly end a perfectly good connection just for the simple sake of change. You'd do well to burn as few bridges as possible during this period. Otherwise, someone whose feelings you hurt will come back later to confront you about it, and it won't be pretty. If you're brought up against someone's feelings like that -- someone who was dissed and dismissed by you -- don't be surprised at how difficult it is to face how you treated them and how they're now making you feel. You could sense that you're making enemies during this period. If you're living your life according to your own moral code, it may not be able to be helped.

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