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Neptune square Mercury

Unclear perceptions

Kelli Fox

You shouldn't make any big decisions about your love life during this period, even if you think it's time to get firm on things. This two-year transit marks a period when your thinking isn't at its best; you'll have unclear perceptions of that special someone and their intentions for your relationship, and any decision you make could be the wrong one because you're not operating on all six cylinders. You'll misread your potential sweetie's signals and come to the wrong conclusion -- often, one that's based in your own insecurities about yourself and your love life.

Your fantasies will run strong now, though. You know what you want in love; you just don't know exactly how to make it happen, because what you want might be very ephemeral at best. At worst, you could get involved with someone who is dishonest with you; needless to say, that will confuse you even further than you already are, and will put your ideals in love even further out of reach. If you do find that you're involved with someone who is less than good for you, don't waste time wishing and hoping the relationship could be something it just isn't.

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