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Neptune square Jupiter

Indiscriminate actions

Kelli Fox

Fantasies will run rampant during this two-year transit. You won't want to settle for the mundane, day-to-day dullness of your regular life; you'll want to get out with fun, cute, interesting people and have a great time! And you could have a really good time during this transit.

You often won't be in the mood to work or focus on anything too serious; you'd much rather think about love, or at least that hottie you've got your eye on. You could get called out at work by your boss if you're spending too much time spacing out on the wild partying you did the night before and not enough on the task at hand. All your excessive good times could be masking the fact that you're not actually in touch with what your real path ought to be in terms of looking for love. You might date way too many people during this time, because something within you just doesn't want to focus on one person and settle down. Could it be that you're scared of getting serious? Hmm... Worth pondering, anyway. Don't be indiscriminate in your dating life; be upfront with your dates about your romantic status, so that no one is misled as to your intentions.

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