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Neptune sextile Uranus

Tapped in to love

Kelli Fox

This two-year period marks the perfect time to focus on your goals in love, because you can really make something happen now. You're in a better place than ever before to consider what's really important to you at a deep level -- your highest ideals in love -- and to begin pursuing them. Your inner self is telling you something now, and you should definitely listen up.

This is the part of you untouched by the outside world; the part that is simultaneously both idealistic and realistic, because it is the purest part of you. Your inner self knows your needs in love better than your conscious mind does, so if you get a strong instinct to head in a certain direction -- such as, toward a certain person -- follow it! You're tuned in to what's spiritual about love now; in fact, you're in a unique position at this time to bestow your newfound understanding on other people. If a friend is having trouble with their love life, you can give them good advice that they'll respond to, because you're tapped in to the inner truth in an unusual way. You're also a very creative lover, so you'll impress your sweetie with your unusual way of wooing them.

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