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Neptune sextile Saturn

Putting your strengths to use

Kelli Fox
Neptune sextile Saturn

This two-year transit will be a time of patience and serenity for you and your love life -- and that's a wonderful thing. In a cosmic sense, you've bought yourself some time to figure things out. You won't feel pressure, either inner or outward, to get things going romantically, and that will free you up to really explore your options, get to know someone well, and perhaps make a commitment -- but only if you feel certain that it's really a good idea.

You'll be much more self-reflective than usual during this period, so take the time to look back over your love life. What mistakes have you made, and what are your strengths in relationships? You can recognize these things without being hard on yourself about the mistakes you've made, which means this is the perfect time to start to change the way you go about looking for love. You'll be inclined to take your relationships slowly during this period, getting to know someone thoroughly instead of jumping in headfirst; but if you do make a commitment, you can feel reasonably certain that it's going to last long-term. Whatever you begin during this time will be built to last, and whatever you end, you'll do so for good reason.

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