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Neptune sextile Pluto

Everything changes

Kelli Fox

Even if something changes or goes wrong in your love life during this two-year transit -- a breakup, a cooling off of once-strong feelings, or any other romantic setback -- you won't get as upset about it as you once would. This is because this period marks a time in your life when you're much more self-reflective, which includes seeking a deeper understanding of the events that influence you. If a relationship ends, it won't break your heart because you'll know that's the way it goes sometimes.

Things come to an end for a reason; change is inevitable, nothing in life is permanent, and sometimes, people come into our lives just for short periods of time or to fulfill a specific purpose. Once that purpose has been served, it's time to move on to the next person, experience and so on. You're in touch with all of that, which also puts you in a unique position to do some work on yourself. Keeping a journal is a good idea during this time, because you can write down everything you think of regarding yourself, your romantic relationships and attitudes, and your past. Reading over your notes will reveal patterns of behavior that it's long past time to lay to rest.

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