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Neptune sextile Jupiter

A wider perspective

Kelli Fox

Whatever happens in your love life at this time -- whether you fall deeply in love with someone special or simply date around, getting to know lots of different people -- you'll take a philosophical view of it all. Even if you go through a breakup during this two-year transit, it won't break your heart in any way that you can't handle. Your outlook is more philosophical and even spiritual now than usual; you're able to see why things end as well as why they begin.

This period is offering you the gift of a wider perspective on love, so you should put it to use. Trust that you will find the mate you're looking for should come naturally to you now; it's not hard for you to look into your own future and see good things, the fulfillment of your dreams. And that's a very special gift, because it means you can calm down in the meantime! When you reach out to that special someone, they'll appreciate your calmness, not to mention your generosity. You're in an especially selfless frame of mind; you want everyone around you to have a good time, so you'll go out of your way to make that happen with a potential sweetie, treating them in any special way that comes to mind.

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