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Neptune sextile Juno

Flow toward your destiny

Kelli Fox

During this two-year transit, you very well might find the mate of your dreams, because the current energy will clear the path between you and love. You'll meet someone with whom you'll just click; you'll hear their voice for the first time and feel a chord struck deep within you, and you'll know that this is something significant. You might even see them for the first time and realize that you've seen them before -- in your dreams!

At the very least, you'll find it easy to tap right into the inner core of this person, and to meet their needs on an intuitive level. You'll start fantasizing about a long-term connection, and your fantasies could easily become reality. Whether one relationship in particular ends up being the one you've been looking for remains to be seen; you might go out with several people, striking up more than one significant relationship. Whatever happens, this period will bring you closer to the commitment you're seeking. You'll feel tuned in not just to your potential sweetie, but to the vibrations of love in the universe. It will feel easy to tap into that stream and flow toward your destiny.

Neptune sextile Juno in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune sextile Juno in the Composite Chart

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