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Neptune opposite Sun

Ignoring the truth

Kelli Fox

You'll have to work extra hard to keep track of the important things, like your finances and your heart, because you won't want to buckle down and focus on anything during this two-year transit. Instead, you'll steep yourself in memories, perhaps of an old, sweet love affair. You don't feel like facing up to reality now; you're happy with your dream world, thank you very much.

But immersing yourself in dreams means that you're neglecting your real life, and the real people who populate it. If you get involved with someone new, they could feel as if you're never fully present. Another danger of this transit is that you'll be easily deceived and misled. If you get involved with someone who is less than perfectly honest with you, you'll sooner lie to yourself, pretending that everything is beautiful and dandy, than face up to the truth. Sentimentality will also be a problem at this time. You'll give certain objects and gestures -- love letters, for example, or even just a wink or a smile -- undue significance, which will lead to further self-deception. Someone might feel just casual about you, but you'll sentimentalize your connection and think there's something more.

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