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Neptune opposite Saturn

All in your imagination

Kelli Fox

You may not be in the most social mood during this two-year transit, and you also might not make the best company. Despite your normal problem-solving abilities, you'll tend to blow even little things out of proportion during this period, because you just won't be able to filter out the small stuff from the big stuff. Everything will seem like a big deal, from that argument with your best friend to that critical response from your boss on your project at work, down to getting the wrong dish when you're out to dinner with someone new.

If you put up a stink, which is what you'll feel like doing, you'll come across as more than a little emotionally unbalanced! Which, in fact, at this particular moment, you kind of are. And there's nothing wrong with that; it happens to everyone. We all get oversensitive and don't know how to take certain things that happen to us. But it increases the likelihood that you'll take any setbacks in your love life especially hard, even to the point of actually creating setbacks because you won't know how to read a situation with someone new. Try not to react too drastically if you think your potential sweetie is blowing you off; you might be missing their signals.

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