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Neptune opposite Neptune

The confusion of love

Kelli Fox

This transit comes about late in life, when you've been through enough to have at least a bit better of an idea of what's really important and what isn't. As a result, this could be a pleasant two-year period, or a confusing one. You've let go of your hold on the material world to a large degree; the possessions and accomplishments that once seemed to mean so much suddenly seem negligible.

Now you're more interested in spiritual issues, and that's where the potential for confusion can come in. You're attracted to people on a similar quest as you, but if you connect with another searching soul, you might drive each other crazy if you're both off in the stratosphere somewhere instead of having your feet planted firmly on the ground! At least you know love is important to you; after all, human connection, whether it's with the self, another person or a higher power, is arguably the most essential quest of our lives. Try not to struggle against the feelings of confusion you'll experience now. You're on a quest that only you can define or even sense; of course you're confused! Just have fun with it, and if you go out with someone special, don't be shy about discussing your spiritual perceptions.

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