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Neptune opposite Mars

Rely on your friends

Kelli Fox

Someone you get involved with during this two-year transit could give you the uncomfortable sensation that they're not being entirely straightforward with you. If you get that sense, pay attention! It will be especially hard to follow your instincts during this time, because they're muddled.

You won't know which of your perceptions are valid and which are fanciful, pessimistic or even paranoid; but the fact is, you'll be easily misled during this time. You'll even attract people who aren't on the up-and-up. The people you date could just be on the make, ready to take advantage of you at the first opportunity; or they could really be bad news, leading you blindly into some sort of scandalous situation that later you'll wish you'd had the foresight to avoid. In times like this, it's especially important to heed the advice of your close friends and other people you trust, because you just can't rely entirely on your own perceptions to give you a clear picture of the unknown. You'll misread people on a regular basis, not to mention their intentions. So if your best friend has a bad feeling about your new date, you might want to pay attention to their warning.

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