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Neptune opposite Jupiter

In the mood to indulge

Kelli Fox

You could put on some weight during this two-year period, because you're in the mood to indulge your every whim; doing rigorous, structured things like exercising regularly and sticking to your diet will be really difficult! So will doing your work -- you're just in the mood to have fun. In that sense, this could be a fun time in your dating life; you're feeling sociable and you want nothing more than to go out and have a great time with new people.

Your favorite dates will involve good food, fine wine -- all the things in life that are most enjoyable, but that require some moderation not to turn into a negative experience. Especially avoid drinking too much, because anything like alcohol that alters your perception of reality will have an especially pronounced effect at this time. Since your vision of reality is so vulnerable now, it would be a good idea to avoid making any major decisions in your love life. You might end up committing yourself to someone whom you'll find out later should have been just a fun affair -- or, you could be in such a mood for fun that you pass up an opportunity to make a serious connection with someone really special.

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