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Neptune opposite Juno

Blind to the realities

Kelli Fox

You're likely to delude yourself during this two-year transit about the real state of an affair. You'll get involved with someone and, before you even get to know them very well, you'll convince yourself that they're The One; you'll attach all sorts of feelings and hopes to them that they and the relationship just don't merit. Needless to say, coming down from this kind of self-delusion will be difficult; it could even feel heartbreaking in the moment.

You're likely to run out and do it again with the next person, because that's just the way you're looking at life and love at this time. You're not in a very realistic frame of mind, and you're so full of the hope and wish for a perfect love that you're willing to bend reality to make yourself think you've finally found it. But what if you really have found it -- only you're so full of your own illusions and fantasies that you ignore the warm, beating heart in front of you? That's a distinct possibility during this time. Try not to mislead yourself. If a relationship isn't functioning well, don't try to pretend that everything's wonderful. And try not to miss the opportunities for real love that could be right in front of you.

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