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Neptune conjunct Venus

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Suddenly, life will seem even more beautiful before. If you're used to being somewhat cynical about life and love, this two-year transit, which happens only once in a lifetime, will give you a much-needed boost in your belief in all things romantic and ephemeral! You'll start to notice the poetry of everyday life more and more -- the way the leaves on the trees dance in the breeze; the way your morning cup of coffee steams and smells delicious, making you anticipate the sensory pleasure you're about to enjoy.

That's what your love affairs will be like, as well. You'll impress that special someone with your artistic sensitivity to your surroundings, and you'll attract lovers who want to experience the world in the same way, with that same rosy perspective. Whether you have many different romantic encounters during this period or you focus on just one person, you'll feel enlightened by the romance of your life. It's very possible that this period will bring you true love; but it's also possible that you'll want to keep looking, as your ideals are aimed high and sweet, and you might want to keep peeking around the next corner to see who's waiting for you.

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