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Neptune conjunct Sun

A mystical sense of self

Kelli Fox

This two-year transit only comes around once a lifetime, and it marks what will be largely a mystical, interesting period in your love life. You have a unique opportunity now to overcome anything in your psyche that's been holding you back from love. Your insecurities can be heightened now, resolved in part through a new, playful, creative sense of yourself and your own personality.

You might get into dressing up more than usual when you go out on dates, and you'll become more comfortable with flirting and charming your potential sweetie. You'll project a sense of mystery and allure that will really keep your admirers guessing! You'll be attracted to lovers who have a deep sense of spirituality, because that interest will speak to the same within you. A word of caution is in order, however. You might be blinded not only to a lover's faults, but to their true intentions in the relationship. You might be really impressed with someone's spiritual sense of life and love, only to find later that their beliefs are very different from what you thought; if a close, trusted friend cautions you away from someone you're thinking of getting involved with, pay attention.

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