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Neptune conjunct Mercury

Smooth and poetic

Kelli Fox

In terms of communication with a lover, this two-year transit will mark an opening of your communicative abilities. You'll be able to make a compassionate, intuitive connection with someone as sweet and sensitive as you are. Even more than that, you'll be in a new space within yourself when it comes to creativity, art, communication and communion with other people.

That special someone might comment on the beauty of your voice during a late-night phone conversation, because your words and your tone are smooth and poetic at this time. You'll get into creative ways of expressing your feelings for a sweetie -- writing a song or a sonnet for them, or singing to them while you hold each other and fall asleep. This will be a dreamy, romantic time, one during which you'll really impress your dates with how sensitive and compassionate you can be. Keep a journal of your dreams and waking experiences during this time, because it will be revealing later to go back and reread what you went through. If this period leads to love, you'll appreciate being able to trace the progression from start to commitment; it will likely be a highly romantic story.

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