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Neptune conjunct Mars

Setting up for a fall

Kelli Fox

This will be a strange two-year transit, and you'll have to strive to make sure that its cumulative effects are positive in your love life. Your energy will be lower than usual. You may not feel very driven to seek love in the same focused, optimistic way as you have in the past; or if you do seek it out, something will happen to thwart your efforts.

This could lead to depression or discouragement, a feeling of 'Why try?' Your insecurities could take a front row seat during this time, so if you feel rejected by a potential lover, it will take on overwhelming proportions in your mind and could become a real setback. Betrayal is possible during this time, too. You could get involved with someone who just isn't good for you, or whose intentions for the relationship are different from yours, and you'll be very hurt when those intentions start to come clear. It will be hard for you to get a good read on anyone at this time, especially the people you're intimate with. Your best bet will be not to have any preconceived ideas about the kind of love affair you want to make happen. You're likely to set your standards too high, which is setting yourself up for a fall.

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