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Neptune conjunct Jupiter

Reaching for the stars

Kelli Fox

If you go on a date with someone new and special and you end up talking all night about your philosophies of life, your ideals in love and your dreams for the future, this could be the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship! This two-year transit is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and it will have a largely positive effect on your love life. You'll be attracted to people who are as sensitive and philosophical as you're feeling at this time.

You want to connect on that level, so you're less interested in chatting about superficial things and more into discussing the deep mysteries of life. You're also in touch with your highest ideals of love now, which could mean good things...or not-so-good ones. You're seeking a love affair that will meet or exceed your ideals, which may not be possible. You could put a new lover up on a pedestal, only to realize later that they're every bit as flawed as you are; as flawed as everyone is, really. But during this period, you'll be less able to see their flaws than their potential. That can actually be a lot of pressure to put on someone who may not feel that they're able to live up to the stars you see when you look at them.

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