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Moon trine Venus

Make that connection

Kelli Fox

This is a great time to get in touch with someone new or go on a date, because you're much more emotionally in tune with yourself and everyone around you than usual. You'll find it really easy to make that connection, to talk about your feelings and to understand your potential sweetie. They'll feel great when they're in your presence, because you'll pay them such extra-special, romantic, personal attention.

This transit could even reveal someone to you who will become very significant in your life; don't rule out love at this time! But at the very least, you can have a great time during this period. Going out, whether it's with friends or someone that you're interested in, is a great idea, because you want to be social. Dates that involve anything creative will really unlock the positive energy of this transit, so take that special someone to a pottery studio where you can make your own bowls, or to an art gallery where you can peruse the artwork together and talk about the impressions and feelings it evokes. You definitely shouldn't stay home alone during this time, because that would be a waste of this wonderful influence.

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