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Moon trine Uranus

Shake it up

Kelli Fox

What an exciting and fresh perspective you have right now! And you're able to bring this perspective to your love life. Anyone you're attracted to right now is going to really excite you, because they'll be original, creative, unusual and unexpected -- and you'll seem the same way to them.

You could even strike up a new friendship with someone in a completely unexpected way; maybe you'll just run into someone cute while you're out on the town, and you'll end up spending the rest of the evening talking with them. Expect great conversations with that special someone during this period. There's a very close and spontaneous connection between your mind and your emotions now, and you're able to express yourself in funny, fresh and interesting ways. You'll wow your potential sweetheart with all the weird and wonderful things you'll say, and you'll feel the same way about them! If you go out on a date, don't try to make a set plan or do anything that's too trite; you'll just be bored. It's time to shake things up! Do something fun and completely spontaneous with the object of your affections; you'll both feel excited by the possibility of what's to come.

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