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Moon trine Sun

Break the ice

Kelli Fox

You're feeling emotionally in tune with yourself -- comfortable, smooth, optimistic and gregarious. What better day could there be to get in touch with that special someone? You're on a natural high, and you'll bring that energy with you wherever you go and whomever you talk to.

You'll find it surprisingly easy to break the ice with someone special and get to the heart of the matter -- whether you two will make a good couple. The odds are good that you will! This is a wonderful time to start a new romance; you're naturally attuned to success and affection, and you'll make someone feel wonderful just with your good mood and your sunshiny perspective. You're happy today, and you'll affect everyone around you with the same energy. You're in the mood for change, for your life to expand. You want to make a connection with someone new, to explore the possibilities between you. Reach out to your potential future sweetie. A long-term bond is very possible during this transit, so make the most of it. Your instincts are tuned in to the best possibilities for you and your future, so go with your gut. You'll be glad you did.

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