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Moon trine Saturn

A reality check

Kelli Fox

You won't be the warmest, goofiest or most charming date around at this time. So what? You're in a more sober and stable frame of mind, and you're not interested in chitchat or witty banter, or in using your energy to charm someone who's not the one you're ultimately going to end up with.

That's a very good way to approach the dating game, at least from time to time -- a sort of reality check that allows you to reassess what it is you're looking for in love, and reaffirm within yourself your commitment to finding it. So go out on a date, make a connection with someone new, or step an existing flirtation up to the next level. This is a good time to really suss out whether that special someone actually has staying power in your life. You've got a great filter for b.s. right now, so use it to find out who's good for you and who isn't. As your potential sweetie gets to know you better, they'll realize that though you might seem so stable and practical as to be a bit remote today, you're just realistic about love. And if love does grow, you'll be your sweetheart's biggest supporter -- their rock, their safe haven.

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