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Moon trine Pluto

A true heart

Kelli Fox

If you meet someone new during this short transit, don't be surprised if you're incredibly attracted to them physically. You might not even know exactly why you find them so compelling; if they're nothing like your usual type when it comes to dating, it's a sign that there's something really strong going on between you under the surface. This transit only lasts a day or so, but it's a powerful one that gets you in tune with your own emotions and the subtle emotional vibrations of the world around you.

You're tuned in, and if you meet someone new, you'll be able to dig deep into their psyche and feel out who they are, and who they might become to you. What they look like isn't so important to you now; you're more interested in what's going on under the surface. Also, this transit enables you to be realistic and sensitive toward yourself, meaning, you know your limits at this time. You're aware of your relationship needs, and because you're so tuned in, you'll be able to suss out quickly and accurately whether it's going to happen between you and that special someone -- and whether, if it does happen, it'll be good for you or not.

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