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Moon trine Neptune

Go on a creative date

Kelli Fox

You're in a really creative, intuitive, compassionate head space today. This is a wonderful time to connect with someone special, because your bond will be a good one, indeed. You'll be able to dig deeper than the usual level with a potential sweetie; you'll connect with them on an intuitive level, and you'll be able to feel them out subtly and with your whole being.

You'll probably get an accurate read on them, too, including their needs and intentions regarding romance, so pay attention to your gut reactions. When you go to bed at night, pay attention to your dreams -- they're likely to tell you something important about your romantic future! You're tuned in to the universe now at a deep level, picking up on subtle vibrations, and you're communicating with the world around you at that same level. If you do go on a date, do something creative together. A movie or a trip to an art gallery would be great, as would a picnic in the park or even something more actively creative. A canoe on the lake at night, surrounded by stars, would be just your speed. And it would give you two the perfect time and forum to get to know each other a little better.

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