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Moon trine Mars

A good balance for romance

Kelli Fox

You're in the mood for a little action, so go ahead and ask someone out. Make it a dinner date at a fine restaurant that'll treat you right, or a cooking class that will teach you to do it yourselves. Or, if you're feeling especially adventurous, you could indulge in a couple's massage session!

Oooh, very hot. In fact, you're very hot right now. You're assertive, but not aggressive; you're energetic, but not overbearing. You'll definitely catch the eye of anyone who's caught yours, because your energy is on high and you're feeling good. You're in the mood for a little romantic company, but you're not feeling clingy or needy, and that's the perfect balance to strike when making a connection with someone new. And if you do happen to be in a bit of a down or insecure mood during this period, all you'll have to do to pick yourself up is get outside -- get active. Going for a walk with your potential sweetie is a great way to elevate your energy and still be able to talk and get to know them. You're in the mood to make a connection, so make it. It's likely to go well.

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