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Moon trine Jupiter

All the wonderful possibilities

Kelli Fox

If there's someone special that has caught your eye, even someone you've already made contact with, this is a great time to flirt with the possibility that things could get really sweet between you. Don't rush it, however; there's no need to make any decisions in a hurry. You might be really amazed by someone during this period; your conversations or emails will get deep fast, but in a fun and exciting way that thrills your soul.

You'll feel as if you can really be yourself with this person, and they'll understand everything you tell them about how you think and feel. What a wonderful sensation -- to be so well-understood. The truth is, though, it's less about that special someone and more about you. You're in a great frame of mind right now, because your emotions and your values are connected and stimulated. In some way, you're being really, truly yourself, your best self, and that's very attractive to your admirers. You're also open to learning something new, so if you go out on a date or talk to someone on the phone, you'll make them feel great because you're hungry for all the great stuff they have to tell and to teach you.

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