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Moon square Venus

A little faith is needed

Kelli Fox

If you haven't received the kind of love you deserve in past relationships, that feeling could still be coloring your interactions with new, potential lovers, especially during this little transit. You'll feel insecure about whether you'll ever find real, abiding love, and if you get involved with someone new at this time, you could be emotional, possessive and even clingy as a result. That's definitely not a turn-on for most people, so if you do make contact with someone new at this time, tone it down!

Better yet, wait a day or two, until you're feeling more confident and hopeful again. After all, clinging to someone won't keep them around any longer, and it might push them away prematurely. Instead of forcing yourself out into the dating world and putting out the vibe that you're feeling unwanted and unattractive, it's best to stay home. Get creative; write in your journal, garden, paint, read poetry. Anything creative will feed your soul and remind you that the universe is taking care of you. You deserve to be loved, and loved well. When this transit passes, you'll be able to see that truth again, and you'll reach out into the world with renewed hope.

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