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Moon square Uranus

Attracted to unreliable types

Kelli Fox

You're attracted to spontaneity during this period, and that's not necessarily a good thing unless you're okay with short-term flirtations that don't amount to much. But if you're looking for something longer-term or more stable, you might want to sit this period out, because your instincts in love just aren't working for you at this time. You're subconsciously attracted to unreliable types right now, and even if consciously you want stability in a potential sweetie, you just won't get it.

You'll strike up a flirtation with someone who says they'll call you -- and then you'll never hear from them. Or you'll set a date to meet someone for drinks, and then you'll sit there alone, waiting for them long past when they said they'd be there. You're not even all that stable yourself; your feelings are changeable, so if you've been courting someone lately, you might want to take a couple of days off until you're feeling more normal! Otherwise you might do something foolish -- like ending the relationship before it even begins. But if you're attracted to someone brand-new during this time, there's a good chance the relationship won't go anywhere.

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