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Moon square Sun

Potential for overreaction

Kelli Fox

You might have some upsetting interactions with whoever it is that's caught your eye recently. Either you'll go out with them and just fail to connect, or you'll receive an email from them that you're not sure how to take. If you've recently started something up with someone special, it's even possible that it might come to an end during this transit, because this time is all about emotional upsets.

The best thing to do during this time is also the hardest: Don't fight the troubled energy that will fill you and color all your interactions with your potential sweetie. You could feel oversensitive to anything they say to you, or the things they don't say. You might feel as if you're not really connecting, even if all the outward signs look good. You might even feel a little depressed during this period, or physically under the weather. Thank goodness it's a quick transit! You should be feeling more yourself in a day or two, and more able to reach out to that special someone. If you argue or even break up with someone during this transit, you could realize tomorrow that you both overreacted, at which point you'll be able to patch up the problem.

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