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Moon square Saturn

Love is hard

Kelli Fox

Don't get involved with anyone new at this time, because you're likely to get into something that won't be good for you, and you might not know how to get out of it. You're subconsciously attracted at this time to people who will restrict and limit you, who will criticize you and make you feel small, and that's just not a good basis for a relationship in which you're supposed to be equals. Even connections that have already been established will take on a strange tone today.

That hottie you've been trading emails with will suddenly seem uptight, even critical of you, but you won't want to move on because you've already put in time and energy in getting to know them. Regardless of how you felt last week about that special someone, this transit could make you feel like the relationship is more than you can or want to handle. But there will also be a sense of indebtedness, of needless commitment, during this time. You'll feel as if you're somehow supposed to submit to the heavy energy and take the criticism like you'd take a bitter medicine. But why? You're a perfectly good person, and you don't need a lover who'll try to convince you otherwise.

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