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Moon square Neptune

All the wrong places

Kelli Fox

This isn't a great day to go out with someone new, or even someone you've already been getting to know. You're in an emotional funk and you're too open and vulnerable to having your buttons pushed. You won't even be able to control your sensitive mood today; people will just rub you the wrong way, and you'll read into everything they say to you, taking things the wrong way and not knowing how to stop.

The problem is, your mind is muddled during this transit. The reality you're living in is not the one everyone else is a part of; you're living in a kind of waking dream world, a place of your own creation and imagining. You could feel a sense of yearning today, as if there's something you really, really want and just can't quite reach -- or even define. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking that you're yearning for love, because if you go looking for it now, you're likely to look in all the wrong places! You might make contact with someone whom you would otherwise get along with perfectly well, but during this short transit, you'll feel moody and sensitive around them. Take a day or two off for yourself, and contact them later.

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