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Moon square Mars

Old wounds

Kelli Fox

You can't seem to get what you want during this short transit, and that could put you in a pretty bad space in terms of getting to know someone new. You're just not at your best emotionally today. You might even be emotionally unavailable to that special someone, because you're locked in the past for the moment.

Maybe you've been through a love affair that failed miserably, and you're reliving that old pain; or maybe your upbringing was less than ideal, and all those old wounds from long ago are coming back to you now. Whatever it is that's bothering you, it's deep and it's been there for a while, so now is not the time to try to make a romantic connection with someone new. You wouldn't give the new relationship a fair chance, because odds are good that you'd look at this person as if they were your ex, or your mother or father, or whoever it is that caused you so much pain. Wait a day on contacting anyone who's caught your eye; they'll keep. In the meantime, write in a journal about your dreams and your feelings, and you could make some amazing strides toward liberating yourself from old hurts.

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