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Moon square Jupiter

Nostalgic for the past

Kelli Fox

Something from your past is bubbling to the surface now, and you might be a little too preoccupied to really do justice to a date or a connection with someone new. Maybe an old love affair is on your mind and you're feeling nostalgic, or regretful; or maybe it's more of an unconscious feeling of loss or insecurity that relates to your deep-past -- your parents' relationship, perhaps, or something troubling that happened long ago to damage your sense of optimism about love and human connection. Everyone goes through these periods, of course.

There's nothing wrong with reliving feelings from an old relationship by looking at old photos of you and your ex in happier times, but that's definitely something that's best kept private. If you were to go out with someone new during this period, you might come across as distracted, or just not that interested. This transit offers you a chance to go over your old memories, relive them, and then learn what you need to learn in order to move on. That's a personal journey that you should do on your own. Wait to contact someone new until you're focused on the future once again.

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