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Moon sextile Venus

Put your love into the world

Kelli Fox

Any date you go on now will be infused with your own personal idea of romance. You'll make every connection unique and exciting for both of you, and you'll definitely make a wonderful impression on someone new. You're just feeling loving and romantic, attractive and attracted.

You'll appreciate even the smallest signs of sweetness from a potential lover, and you'll let them know it -- and you'll make them feel wonderful. They'll be like a bee that's attracted to your sweet-honeyed flower, wanting to come back for more of that wonderful stuff! So feel free to be open about both your feelings and your intentions. If someone special has caught your eye, now is the perfect time to get in touch with them and let them know how wonderful you think they are. You won't be afraid to let out your true feelings; in fact, you'll feel a sense of power in admitting that you really like someone and want to know more about them. Doing so should have good results -- and if not, your good mood won't be dented. Emotional honesty is the name of your game during this period, and you'll love what comes from being loving.

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