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Moon sextile Uranus

Live it up

Kelli Fox

You're really in touch with your emotions right now, in a fresh and spontaneous way. You're not likely to want to commit to that special someone -- you're still getting to know them and sussing out what you, yourself, want in a relationship. But you're definitely up for having a good time and getting to know someone new, so if someone has caught your eye, go ahead and make that contact.

You'll have a great time with them, because you're so fun and accessible during this period! You're very communicative about how you feel, too, so if you do decide you really like someone, this is a great time to lay the groundwork for a relationship. You'll let them know you like them, and they'll be excited and flattered by your forward approach. You have good instincts right now, so you can feel reasonably certain that anyone who holds your attention is worth the bother. Even if you don't have your eye on anyone special, this is a great time to get out there and just have a good time. You're friendly and fun, and everyone knows it. If you don't go on a date, at least go out with your friends and live it up.

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