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Moon sextile Sun

Emotionally outgoing

Kelli Fox

Even if it's a hectic day at work, you'll still be able to step back, take a deep breath and just enjoy the day. You're centered and happy for no apparent reason. What a treat!

Take advantage of the good feelings by reaching out to someone special. You can spread the wealth of your good feelings and make new friends today, or possibly even make a connection with someone who will soon be more than a friend. You're a great listener now, and your support and encouragement will be hugely appreciated by your potential honey. They'll want to return the favor -- but even if they don't, it's no concern of yours. Treating someone well doesn't cost you a thing now, and you're more than aware of it. You're feeling vital enough within yourself that know you won't be taken advantage of or walked all over. You won't let it happen, and you certainly won't do it to anyone else. So enjoy yourself. Phone calls and emails are a great way to reach out to someone cute and sweet; getting together in person would be even better. This is the kind of day where you've got a smile on your face regardless of the weather, so take a walk with your sweetie, hold their hand and revel in your good feelings.

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