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Moon sextile Saturn

Eyes on the prize

Kelli Fox

You probably won't get swept off your feet today; you're in much too sensible a frame of mind for that. But so much the better -- you're feeling calm and secure within yourself, ready and able to tackle dating or making a new connection with ease and sobriety. You won't make any silly decisions during this time, like running off with someone you've just met to elope!

And that's a good thing. You'll be attracted at this time to mature types -- maybe even people who are quite a bit older than you -- because you sense that they're grounded in the way that you want them to be, and you have something to learn from them. You're practical about your love life during this period as well; if you make contact with someone who turns out not to be as good of a match as you thought, you'll break the connection without trouble or fuss. You've got your eye on the prize at this time, and you're not in the mood to settle for less than exactly what you're looking for. More power to you! Any relationship that you start during this transit and stick with is likely to be a durable one. Don't expect fireworks; instead, expect stability, which is even better.

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