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Moon sextile Pluto

Ride forward fearlessly

Kelli Fox

Whatever relationships you've been through before, they won't be weighing on you during this transit. Too bad it's such a short one! Because it's all about emotional release and freedom.

For this day, you're completely ready and able to look forward into your future, and the romantic possibilities it holds, with open eyes and an open heart. You also have a firm grasp on what's important to you now; you won't fret over a potential sweetie's dating profile or an email they sent you, because you'll just know instinctively, in your heart, whether they're right for you. Your intuition is humming during this short period, so pay attention to it. You're highly perceptive now, and can use that skill when you make contact with that special someone. What are their intentions? How into you are they? You'll be able to tell, just by feeling them out, connecting with them at a deep level and reading all their most subtle cues. You can also see through people very well at this time, so if you make contact with someone who turns out to be not so genuine or worth your time, you'll know it right away. So ride forward fearlessly.

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